Monday, June 7, 2010

I so wish I could write well!!! I look at and read other people's blogs and whatever, and it amazes me how incredibly good certain people are in putting words together. I am jealous!!! Maybe if I try doing this a little more often I'll get better at it. One can only hope...

I still have no camera, but I am getting one for my birthday, which is in a few days, and then I really have to figure out how in the world to dress up this blog so it's not so dang boring!!!

There is nothing special going on in our life right now, but I am excited for school to be out for the summer. Only 1 1/2 more days to go!!! I know that McCall is way excited. We're not going anywhere though, but it'll be nice not to have to worry about homework, bed time etc. And, it FINALLY feels like summer, YAY!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday I was out in our backyard planting some starters, that a lady at Derick's work gave us. Jake was asleep and Zane was out there with me, playing with our neighbor girl. Our neighbor and Zane decided that they wanted to go in her house, but the mom said "no, let's stay out here, it's almost time to go to the post office, and pick up Bryson." Well, Zane, my funny, confused little guy replied, "Oh, I didn't know that Bryson was at the post office!" we got a good laugh out of that one.:)

McCall and Zane listen to primary songs when they go to bed at night. Well, one day last week Zane was singing "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" with his own little twist on it... "Jesus wants me for a shockbeam"lol.

It was really nice to have spring break last week, even though we didn't go anywhere. McCall is always jealous of his brothers when I take them to Mcdonald's for visiting teaching, so I took them there one day, and of course, McCall didn't think it was as fun as he had expected! Typical.

On Friday, we actually went to Hogle Zoo, with my sister and her 2 daughters. The kids had a really good time, and Jake still talks about seeing the orangutan peeing from the tree he was in. At least we didn't see a gorilla eating his poop like we did a couple of years ago - that was really gross!

Derick's grandma Davis passed away on Friday, and we are so thankful that we were able to see her before she died. We love her SO much, and will miss her a lot. We are so thankful that we can see her again someday and happy that she is with her sweetheart and other loved ones. We love you, Mabel!!!

Tonight is Zane's 1st soccer game! It's weird that he is old enough for that already. I'll write later about how it goes!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Well, this getting a new camera is taking a lot longer then I had hoped, so I figured I might as well start writing things on here, so here we go:)

There are days that I want to shout for joy when the kids are finally in bed, but I find myself too exhausted! They are a lot of fun, and I wouldn't want to trade anything with anyone, but if you have kids you know how it can take everything out of you and then some:)Needless to say, my kids have a lot of energy, and I wished I had even half of it... Guess I'll write about all three of them, starting with McCall.

McCall is in 3rd grade and is doing awesome. He is on a reading level that exceeds his 3rd grade requirements. He loves to read and especially when he and his dad read books together, like the Harry Potter series and now The Lightning Thief books. He is a typical 9 year old, who loves to hang out with his friends and occasionally finds time for the rest of his family. He laughs a lot and can find humor in almost anything, but he also knows when he needs to be serious. When he was first born I wondered how I would ever get along with a child that just never wanted to be a baby, but he has become such a joy in our lives, and I am so thankful that I get to be the mom to such an amazing young man.

Zane is a busy, busy 4 year old boy, who is very much wanting it to be his birthday today! Ever since we celebrated McCall's birthday in February, he has been asking if today is his big day. Zane has quite the imagination, and is very good at finding things to do. I'll be wondering why it's so quiet, and I'll find him sitting in his room or in Jake's room playing with some toys and making up stories about them. He loves to play with Jake(although there are days I would beg to differ)and when McCall is home he is his shadow, much to McCall's dismay. Having Zane at home is fun, and it'll be weird around here when he starts school. He is also not afraid of too many things, which makes it hard to be his parents at times.

Jake. What can I say about the youngest Davis boy? He is a little rascal that gets in to everything, and I mean everything! He is busy from the time he gets up in the morning, until he finally goes to sleep at night, thank goodness he still takes a nap:)He loves to go outside, and I have on occasion found him wandering out while I have been getting my hair dry or I'm in the basement doing laundry. He also loves to accompany me to the grocery store, because he knows he can ususally get a succor out of it. He is still in his crib, which makes it easier for me to sleep at night, so I don't have to have nightmares about him getting up and going for a midnight stroll. He has always been able to figure things out pretty fast, so let's hope that that rings true when we start potty training him in a little bit. You can always tell that he is watching your every move, so that he can mimick you when you are not watching.

My job as a stay at home mom has it's ups and downs, like everyone, but I love it. Getting a kiss for absolutely no reason at all, seeing when they figure things out on their own and hearing these incredible stories and adventures they go on each day, is just irreplaceable. I know I'll wake up one day and they'll be grown men with families of their own, and so, I will try and cherish this short time we have together.

I couldn't do this without my amazing husband, either. The love and support he shows each of us is great. He is a busy man. He is working full time and going to school full time, so right now we try not to demand too much of him. But just wait, you can't stay in school forever!!!hahaha. I love my family and my life and I am so grateful we can be together forever. Don't know how people raise their families in this crazy world without the gospel as their anchor.

Until next time, bye!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So I started this blog before I got a new camera, not too smart of me, but oh well! Hopefully that will come soon... I mainly wanted to do this for my family and friends in Norway that we don't get to see too often(unfortunately). Just a way for people I care about to keep up with what's going on with us. I'm not promising this to be great, since I'm virtually computer illiterate, but I'll do my best:)